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"The life of every man is a diary in which he means to write one story, and writes another". 
                                                                               ~James Matthew Barrie

          I am Muhammet Mustafa Samet ÖZ. As it is too long to say, people call me as Samet. I am from Samsun which is on the Black Sea Coast in Turkey. However, I have been living in Ankara which is the capical city of Turkey, for six years. This is simply because I am a graduate student at Bilkent Universtiy. It is at the university that I've learned lesson planning skills, how to integrate technology into the classroom, and how to be a good teacher. 
       As you can quess, my Department is English Teacher Education and this is my  last year at Bilkent. I will be an English teacher in the end since I love children and enjoy thinking of new and creative ways to help them learn. I have had two internships so for; one was in METU secondary School in Ankara and the other one was in TED Ankara Colloge. 

           I am good at
Preparing, Planning, Leading, Instructing, Writing, Organizing, Demonstrating, Evaluating, Encouraging, Supervising, Assessing, Motivating, Facilitating and Communicating. juss to prove that my English is good, I have two certificates; one of them is International English Language Testing System, and the second one is Governmental Staff Language Exam. What is more, I am:
       The Representative of the Students studying in English Department

                                        The Head of the Students studying in Education Faculty

                                                                                 President of the Controlling Commission at Bilkent University, 2009

                                        The Founder of a Group  at Bilkent University.