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What is E- Learning?

  • One form of distance learning, a type of educational situation in which the instructor and students are separated by time, location, or both. 
  • E- Learning typically involves the use of the internet to
          –access learning materials;

          –interact with the content, instructor, and other learners;

–obtain support during the learning process

  • Allows participants to acquire knowledge, to construct personal meaning, and to grow from the learning experience.

Benefits of E- Learning

  • E- Learning provides learning opportunities in subjects not offered locally or where local offerings lack quality
  • Ideally suited for individuals who lack time for classroom courses.
  • Experiencing an online class gives students the skills required for lifelong learning.

E- Learning Tools !

There are many E- Learning tools which electronically support learning and teaching. Here are some common tools to think about when building an online course.

Power Point


E- Portfolio